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HCG offers both direct client representation of clients,
as well as partnerships with client legal counsel

HCG Associates provides regulatory and litigation assistance directly to both clients and client legal counsel. Our experience in direct representation in front of OSHA, EPA, and DOT provides invaluable support in ensuring your business is protected. We understand the regulatory agenda of the agencies and can assist your counsel in understanding and interpreting it as well. Our firm has participated in insurance litigation, workplace fatality representation, and has further assisted legal counsel in US DOJ cases. HCG will work with your business from investigation through establishment of corrective actions, as well as during any penalty phase.

HCG’s in-house team includes legal support and a licensed attorney. Our advice is based upon experience, and our results are immediate.

Among the litigation services we can provide are:

  • Client Representation with Regulatory Agencies
  • Evaluation and Interpretation of Standards
  • Workplace Accident/Fatality Investigations
  • Representation at Informal Settlement Meetings
  • Review of Consent and Final Orders
  • Direct support of client’s legal counsel
  • Development of EPA/OSHA Work Plans
  • Client Specific Support Services
  • Worker’s Compensation Support

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