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Building customized programs to drive safety and business value

Process safety management (PSM) is a systematic analytical tool for preventing the release of highly hazardous chemicals and focuses on preventing incidents, increasing employee safety, and defining parameters for the safe operation of your process. HCG Associates focuses on assisting businesses with managing these inherent hazards by implementing industry best practices.

Process safety management (PSM) is a regulation by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It was designed to help companies prevent highly hazardous chemicals (HHCs) from being mishandled or released.

HCG Associates specializes in developing and managing customized client programs, ensuring that the regulatory requirements under OSHA’s Process Safety Management Program, General Duty Clause, and the EPA’s Risk Management Program are fully satisfied.

HCG works with clients to establish the framework to effectively manage and operate highly hazardous operations safely, which is incorporated into the following program developed by HCG to meet the OSHA Process Safety Standard, General Duty Clause, and EPA Risk Management Programs.

PSM Program Elements

Our customizable framework can be modified to meet our client’s specific requirements and needs.

  • Introduction
  • Employee Participation
  • Process Safety Information
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Operating Procedures
  • Training
  • Contractors
  • Pre-Startup Safety Review
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Hot Work
  • Management of Change
  • Incident Investigation
  • Emergency Planning Response
  • Compliance Audits
  • Trade Secrets
  • RMP Program and Plan

Our team utilizes their industry and regulatory relationships to ensure actionable best practices are built into each program.

Our Program Design includes:

  • Development of written programs
  • Performance of a Process Hazard Analysis
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assembly of Process Safety Information
  • Input from facility stakeholders
  • Implementation of industry best practices and standards


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