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Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) Program

Enhancing Safety, Reliability, and Compliance for Small-Scale Ammonia Refrigeration Facilities

The Ammonia Refrigeration Management (ARM) program is aimed at helping smaller facilities enhance their system reliability, improve safety, and maintain regulatory compliance. The ARM Program is crucial for facilities that have an ammonia charge of less than 10,000 lbs. and are subject to inspection under the General Duty Clause.

Customized Solutions Meeting OSHA and EPA Standards

At HCG Associates, we are dedicated to creating a customized ARM program that not only satisfies but surpasses the OSHA and EPA General Duty Clause requirements. Our program is designed in accordance with the latest codes and standards in the anhydrous ammonia industry, ensuring that your facility complies with the highest safety and operational standards.

Comprehensive Program Structure

  • Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Management: Laying the foundation for understanding the complexities and nuances of ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Employee Participation: Encouraging active involvement and employee input in safety processes.
  • Process Safety Information: Providing detailed and critical information about the chemicals used, technology employed, and equipment involved in the refrigeration process.
  • Process Hazard Analysis: Systematic evaluation of potential hazards associated with the ammonia refrigeration process.
  • Operating Procedures: Establishing precise and efficient procedures for safe operations.
  • Training: Offering comprehensive training programs to ensure employees are well-versed in safely operating and maintaining ammonia refrigeration systems.
  • Contractors: Managing and overseeing contractors effectively to maintain system integrity.
  • Pre-Start-Up Safety Review: Conducting thorough safety checks before initiating any new or modified refrigeration system.
  • Mechanical Integrity: Ensuring the physical integrity of refrigeration equipment through regular inspections and maintenance.
  • Hot Work and Other Safe Work Practices: Implementing safe work practices, especially during hot work activities.
  • Management of Change: Handling changes in process or equipment systematically to maintain safety.
  • Incident Investigations: Thoroughly investigating incidents to understand causes and prevent recurrence.
  • Emergency Action Plan: Preparing comprehensive emergency action plans establishing guidelines for foreseeable workplace emergencies.
  • Compliance Audits: Regularly auditing the system to ensure ongoing compliance with relevant standards.
  • Off-Site Consequences: Understanding and planning for potential impacts of the refrigeration system beyond the facility boundaries.

Tailoring Safety to Your Specific Needs

At HCG Associates, we recognize that each facility has unique challenges and requirements. Our ARM program is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a tailored approach written specifically for your facility. We establish a framework to manage and operate highly hazardous operations safely and effectively, ensuring the management and employees peace of mind.

Our team utilizes their industry and regulatory relationships to ensure actionable best practices are built into each program.

Our Program Design includes:

  • Development of written programs
  • Performance of a Process Hazard Analysis
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assembly of Process Safety Information
  • Input from facility stakeholders
  • Implementation of industry best practices and standards


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