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Piping & Instrumentation Diagram

A Critical Part of the Process Safety Management Program

A P&ID is a diagram that depicts the interconnection of process equipment and instrumentation. “P&ID” is an acronym for “Piping and Instrumentation Diagram.”

P&IDs include:

  • Process Equipment
  • Interconnecting Pipes
  • Manual Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Instruments (gauges, sensors, transducers)

P&IDs are a fundamental requirement of the PSM regulation. Specifically, when developing and organizing process safety information.  A facility must ensure that P&IDs are included in the information regarding the equipment involved in the process.

P&IDs are an essential part of the PSM program, for instance, it is a requirement to have standard operating procedures that provide clear instructions to safely conduct activities involved in a chemical process. If your P&IDs are accurate and correct, you can safely rely on the fact that your standard operating procedures will be too.

A valuable use for P&IDs is for emergency response, without accurate P&IDs isolating a value during a leak could be critical to the safety of the employees, and the surrounding community.

P&IDs are a requirement to have before you conduct a Process Hazard Analysis, it is a visual key to understanding scenarios while conducting a PHA, making it easier for the team to follow through the process of suspect worst-case scenarios. 

What HCG offers 

HCG travels to facilities to survey and complete a comprehensive study of the ammonia system. All pipes, valves, and equipment are looked at and verified. HCG takes notes, sketches, and collects all relevant equipment information to provide accurate, up-to-date, compliant P&IDs.

HCG can create new Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) as a part of a system design project. Alternatively, our team can walk through your facility with the current P&IDs and make necessary corrections, update any missing or relevant information, and redline the diagrams to produce new and accurate P&IDs.

P&IDs include a Block Flow Diagram, Symbol Legend, and Summary List, provided in electronic (CAD) format.

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