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Business owners know the headaches of trying to manage their EHS program
while still devoting enough resources to maintain business continuity

Whether they lack a compliance department, face regulatory exposure, or want to bring their existing safety program up to current standards, any new initiative detracts from existing in-house resources. That’s where we come in. Offering a full range of EHS consulting and project services, we have the expertise and ability to drive any compliance-related initiative from start to finish, including weekly or monthly on-site program management.


Here are just some of the services we offer related to general safety and environmental compliance:

  • Representation in front of regulatory agencies, including OSHA, EPA, and DOT, as well as partnering with existing legal counsel to coordinate and strategize an action plan that minimizes exposure and potential penalties.
  • Coordination of a temporary worker program with agency partners to satisfy the requirements of OSHA’s emphasis program on temporary worker safety.
  • Training program development, including onboarding structure and temporary worker training.
  • Development of DOT-related programs, including fleet policies, drug, and alcohol programs, as well as strategies for improving overall efficiency and compliance within the supply chain sector of business.
  • Elimination/reduction of wastewater and municipal surcharges by improving site-specific practices and reducing contaminant levels to acceptable levels.
  • Waste Reduction Program
  • Spill Prevention Program
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program


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