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HCG Associates Joins Forces with MaxPSM

Expands Coverage to the Southeast and Midwest

The owners of HCG Associates and MaxPSM are pleased to announce that we have joined forces! The combination of synergies between both firms increases our technical scale and depth and will enable us to assist our combined clients with additional scopes of service. Max Lindsay will continue to serve as our Regional Director and remain active in the management and integration of the two businesses.

We plan to integrate the businesses methodically and ensure that our clients continue to receive the highest quality service. In addition to providing nationwide consulting services to our clients, our office locations now expand to Wisconsin servicing the Mid-West and West, Virginia servicing the South and Southeast, and Massachusetts servicing the Northeast and Canada.

Two Premier Process Safety and EHS Consulting Firms are about to become even better, and we’re excited to bring those benefits to our customers and employees.

For more information, please contact Scott Sweet at (857) 299-7240, or email him at ssweet@hcgassoc.com.

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