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Scott Sweet

Scott Sweet (857) 299-7240 President

Having founded HCG Associates nearly 20 years ago following an impressive career in public safety, hazardous material response, and as the Deputy Director of Hazardous Materials Response for the Commonwealth of MA, Scott Sweet has developed the firm into a recognized leader in the regulatory compliance industry. His broad experience across nearly every major industry and type of workplace environment lends practicality and credibility to Scott’s regulatory consulting approach. Whether he is interacting with regulatory authorities, assisting clients with high-level business assessments, leading investigations, or liaising with client counsel, Scott brings both his regulatory acumen in addition to his leadership skills to the table, resulting in consistent client success. His credentials as a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) in addition to numerous PSM/RMP and compliance-related certifications frequently earn him distinction as not just the leading subject matter expert in the room, but the one clients return to year after year after recognizing the value he brings to their businesses.

Certifications: BA, MPA, CHMM

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