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Frank Fabian | HCG Associates
(857) 299-7240
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Frank Fabian

Frank Fabian 8572997240 Director of Compliance & Risk Management

Mr. Fabian assists clients with assessing their regulatory compliance and developing effective resolutions in conjunction with the customer. Frank will typically be the client’s primary contact with HCG during the development of the scope of work and will utilize both his experience and regulatory knowledge to assist the client with cost effective actionable guidance. Frank’s combined years of experience as a Compliance Engineer with Ammonia Process Safety Management (APSM), and as Manager of Process Safety Management for Lamb Weston, will expertly assess your program needs and find the right solution for your organization or situation. Mr. Fabian holds true to the concept “that Process Safety Management is designed for the safety of employees and the surrounding community, and if done properly – only then is full compliance achieved.” Having worked on hundreds of PSM programs in nearly 30 states, Frank has a wide range of audit experience with the EPA, OSHA, CalArp and the NDEP, which translates into a broad knowledge of how PSM programs are interpreted by those tasked with enforcing the statutes. Frank has 12 years of Military service, with 9 of those years on active duty. Frank honorably served in the United States Air Force, the United States Air Force Reserve (Active duty), and the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Frank is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, with a B.S. in Pulp and Paper Engineering, and a minor in Chemistry. Additionally, he holds a Green Belt Certificate in Six Sigma from Villanova.

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