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Deborah Spradlin

Deborah Spradlin Regional Director

Through her experience owning and managing a regulatory compliance firm that served clients across the country, Ms. Spradlin brings a wealth of experience in the field of ammonia refrigeration management and Process Safety Management. From project development to PHAs, compliance audits, and regulatory filings, Deborah has the subject matter expertise to guide clients through their compliance obligations from start to finish.  Coupled with her business management experience, she understands the impact that regulatory non-compliance can have on a company, as well as our clients’ need for seamless and efficient integration of their PSM/RMP programs. Deborah’s ability to identify regulatory issues on behalf of clients and then provide comprehensive, customized solutions to resolve those issues has poised her as an industry leader.  Additionally, Deborah also sits on several IIAR committees and holds a B.S. in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Houston.

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