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HCG Associates if offering business continuity and
business resumption plans & services for COVID-19 recovery

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, HCG Associates has developed guidance to assist clients with regulatory guidance and business resumption consulting services. With the increased focus on the New Bedford and Fall River areas, and in particular employee safety by OSHA, we are making you aware that immediate assistance exists.

As America moves beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, to resume business and our economy, businesses must be prepared to face new challenges to meet employee and customer expectations of safety, as well as government-imposed conditions of business resumption. HCG Associates is uniquely positioned to assist in meeting these challenges and offering a safe and compliant workplace. If you don’t have a plan to meet requirements to provide emergency or routine sanitation and disinfection services, or haven’t developed hazard and risk plans and messaging, then you may not be able to resume business. Call us, we can help.

HCG is already working with clients in the fields of manufacturing, food processing, construction, and agriculture, among others. We have the network to bring together valuable resources like sanitation and disinfection services, supply chain partners for PPE, and regulatory consultants to assist with employee safety programs, sanitation procedures, and employee training, to name a few. The experience our firm brings is based on real-world practice and our associates stay on the cutting edge of industry best practices in order to maintain your business continuity.

Please call our Director of Client Solutions, John Robillard, directly at 857.299.7240, or email him at jrobillard@hcgassoc.com to schedule an initial consultation, and allow us to assist you in achieving your compliance or training goals. 

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