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COVID-19 Business Restart

Is Your Ammonia Refrigeration System Safely Managed?

As business resumption continues following the COVID pandemic, we want to make you aware of the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1 General Duty Clause (GDC) enforcement initiative.

The EPA recent update includes facilities below the traditional 10,000 pounds threshold. This is a continuation of the goal of Section 112(r) of the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. § 7412(r), to reduce the risk of chemical accidents.

Owners and operators of stationary sources producing, processing, handling, or storing extremely hazardous substances, including anhydrous ammonia, must:

  1. Identify hazards which may result from accidental releases using appropriate hazard assessment techniques;
  2. Design and maintain a safe facility taking steps to prevent releases; and
  3. Minimize the consequences of accidental releases that do occur.
HCG Associates is a leading safety and compliance partner with some of the region’s leading businesses since 2004.  From manufacturing to logistics, seafood processing to cold storage, we have the depth and experience to support every industry.  Our clients, such as Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, Hans Kissle, and Stavis Seafoods, rely on us to provide consulting assistance in regard to their EPA, OSHA, and DOT regulatory compliance. 

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