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Manage all your documentation required for utilizing a highly hazardous chemical at your facility


Managing all the documentation required for utilizing a highly hazardous chemical at your facility can be daunting. Having documents in several different employees’ computers, copies in filing cabinets, and binders can lead to trouble if an EPA or OSHA auditor decided to audit your facility. PSM PRO software is our solution to help you organize and maintain your PSM, General Duty, RMP, and Homeland Security documentation.

PSM PRO is structured so that each of the 14 elements required under OSHA 1910.119 can easily be located, updated, and stored in preparation of a MOC, PHA, Compliance Audit, or governmental audit. You can track employee training, incident investigations, management of change, SOP certification, action items from audits, PHAs, PSM team meetings and so much more.

PSM PRO is not restrictive like some of the other ammonia refrigeration software services.

You can:

  • Use your forms (we have templates available in the software if you need them)

  • Upload your own files (word, pdf, jpeg, dwg) with no size limit

  • Delete documents (specific roles have this option – but every facility has at least one person with that role available)

  • Access using your phone, tablet, or computer

  • Have full use of your PSM/General Duty/RMP Documentation – we are the host and you are the user

 We know that changes to compliance requirements are inevitable. Our dedicated software development team will make any updates necessary to keep PSM PRO current and allow you to have the proper documentation in place.


VITA (Visual Inspection Tablet Application) is a module in the PSM PRO software designed to make the annual and 5-year mechanical integrity inspection process easier and more streamlined for you and your operators. VITA gives you the ability to take a tablet out into your facility, no internet connection is needed, and inspect your ammonia equipment. The ANSI/IIAR 6 inspection checklist provides the foundation for the inspection checklist in PSM PRO. When a deficiency is found during the inspection, the inspector can choose from one of the pre-populated options. The deficiency list is compiled from years of inspections by our inspectors. Utilizing this list of deficiencies will allow for consistency across your different operators who may be doing the inspections.


The operator creates a file in PSM PRO that is downloaded into the VITA application which allows him to inspect each piece of equipment. If the operator finds any deficiency, he will indicate the finding, use the camera on the tablet to document the area of concern, and then move on to the next question.

 Once all the equipment is inspected, the operator uploads the file to PSM PRO. PSM PRO will generate a findings report, inspection worksheets for each piece of equipment inspected, and work orders for any findings found during the inspection. PSM PRO allows for the tracking of any recommendations and allows for work orders and photos to be uploaded to document completion of the work.

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